About Crumbs To Crowns

When Widson Charlemont launched Crumbs to Crowns, he set out to make his mark in the world of fashion. He wanted to create a brand for individuals, like himself, who've taken the small resources that they have and are building an empire in their respective fields.

The Florida A&M University alum has modeled and worked with some of the largest productions and brands worldwide and felt that it was time to have something of his own. The Haitian-American designer also wanted a platform that he could use to engage with his community in Winter Haven, Florida. Portions of proceeds from all purchases will be used to give back in various ways including outreach events, scholarships and other opportunities to empower and aid the next generation as well as those less fortunate in communities in Florida, Los Angeles and Haiti. The brand represents more than clothing, It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset.