Customer Spotlight: ROT Media - Joq Louis

Customer Spotlight: ROT Media - Joq Louis

In this edition of our Crowns Spotlight, we were granted the opportunity to have a quick talk with one of Central Florida's best visual content shooters, Joq Louis. The Haitian born, Winter Haven, Florida native was able to share his journey to creating his production company Right On Target Media, also known as ROT Media.


How long have you been in business? What made you get into what you're doing? Was this always a passion? or something you grew to love?
I've been in business for 6 years but I grew up working with cameras. I started by recording church services and by also taking television production at Winter Haven High School. I've always had a passion for videography and learning about the things that I'm into. I later learned more about photography while I was changing my major in college to Human Communication.

What is your favorite part about doing what you do? and What was your greatest fear going into your career field?

My favorite part is coming up with an idea and putting it on the screen. I am a God of my craft, I have no limitations. If I want to fly and shoot fireballs or even be a super hero I can do that, there's an effect for it all. My greatest fear is losing inspiration or even losing my creativity to come up with new ideas.

Who are some people that inspired you to do what you do? How did their knowledge impact your lifestyle? What did you learn?

Some of my peers from high school inspired me,  Widson Charlemont, Austin Dollison, Kamiron Pittman and William A., they were all a part of the TV production program. I'm also inspired by King Bach. Seeing his dedication and consistency has shown me that that's a major key to being successful. He started making 6 second videos and now he's in full 120 minute movies.

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? And Do you have any encouraging words for anyone who might be scared to take that leap of faith?

Don't be afraid to follow your dream and passion. Don't put it off because people think you'd excel in something else. If it's your passion then it means you'll enjoy doing it and won't mind however long it takes for you to master your craft, which will happen eventually. The best part about it is that you'll be getting paid to do something you love as opposed to others doing things they're good at but hate. That's where misery comes in.

What is your definition of Success? & What is something that you're personally proud of that you've accomplished?

Success is setting a goal, completing it, and being satisfied with the goal and knowing you accomplished what you once thought you'd never be able to accomplish. I'm proud that I was able to leave my small town i grew up in, graduated with a degree and now working a job that I love while making an impact on the world by mentoring and owning my business.

How do you want to be remembered? & If you could leave us with a quote of your own, What would it be?

I want to be remembered for spreading joy and happiness in others' hearts despite whatever obstacles you may be facing. A quote that a brother of mine, Reuel Buchanan, said before he passed that I live by daily and want to leave with the world is "I aspire, to inspire, before I expire."

What does "Crumbs To Crowns" mean to you in your own definition? Favorite Crumbs to Crowns Product(s)?

It means being born in to less than fortunate circumstances where you didn't have much compared to others but despite that, through hard work and dedication, you've risen and made something out of little to nothing. You are now a Prime, Top Dog, Upper echelon, a master of your craft and you're successful with it.. And now you have one of the highest seats at the table no matter where you go because you've turned nothing into everything. So now the ones that had it before you, it's now you feeding them. 

My favorite Crumbs to Crowns product would have to be my Legendary hoodie!

Quick Hits

Shoutouts: Shoutout to God and my parents for putting me on the right path and not giving me what I wanted but what I needed to be successful.

A Song that describes your life right now: Monster by Jacob Banks

Favorite Artist: Kodak Black

Favorite Movie: Never Back Down

Favorite Teams: Miami Hurricanes, Miami Heat, Atlanta Falcons

Favorite Food: Chicken is my favorite but I love all proteins overall

Favorite Color: Red

Hidden Talents: I play the guitar

Contact Info

Instagram: @rot_media 

Twitter: @rot_media

YouTube: Right On Target Media          

Facebook: ROT Media



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