Customer Spotlight: ASAP Fresh Barbershop - Justin Oneal

Customer Spotlight: ASAP Fresh Barbershop - Justin Oneal

In this section of Crowns Highlights, we were able to sit down with the owner of ASAP Fresh Barbershop, Justin Oneal. Oneal shares his mindset on consistency and passion. That formula has led his shop's emergence to success in the Central Florida area. 

How long have you been in business? What made you get into what you're doing? Was this always a passion? 

We have been in business for 6yrs. At the age of 15, I couldn’t afford haircuts for myself so I began cutting hair and it was something that just came naturally. I had a passion for cutting hair as soon as I picked up the clippers. I simply told myself I have to practice all the time to get better at it.

What is your favorite part about doing what you do? and What was your greatest fear going into your career field?

My favorite part is being able to interact with different people everyday and my greatest fear was failing.

Who are some people that inspired you to do what you do? (Can be people you know or people you look up to.) How did their knowledge impact your lifestyle? What did you learn?

Germain Walker, Tavion Maultsby, Carlos Williams and Chuka Torres. Watching these guys helped me realize how hard I needed to work to become a great entrepreneur. I learned that nothing great just happens, You have to work for

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? And Do you have any encouraging words for anyone who might be scared to take that leap of faith?

I would tell myself to let that job go! For anyone scared to take that leap of faith, I would say leave your fears behind and go after greater.

What is your definition of Success? & What is something that you're personally proud of that you've accomplished?

My definition of success is concurring obstacles as they come your way. I am proud of the fact that I have gotten much better with time management.

How do you want to be remembered? & If you could leave us with a quote of your own, What would it be?

I want to be remembered for helping people see better in themselves. "Consistency+Passion=Greatness"

What does "Crumbs To Crowns" mean to you in your own definition? Favorite Crumbs to Crowns Product(s)?

For me Crumbs To Crowns means coming from hard times and stepping into the newness of life. My favorite product is my hat!


Hidden Talent: I sing.


Contact Information

Instagram: @iam24j_


Shop Address: 550 Ave J SE, Winter Haven, Fl 33880

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